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journal of toxic narcissism

friends only

friends only

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if you want to read my journal, please add me as a friend, and leave me a brief comment as to why you are doing so. thanks! -:D
(if you are already on my friends list, feel free to ignore this post.)
  • Well, sure! But do I really need to 'splain why? ;-)
    • silly nj, you are already my friend! -:D
      i just made all the rest of my entries unreadable to those who aren't.
  • I read your journal 'cause you are my friend! do I need any other reason? :P
  • Mr Rogers sez

    Won't you be, please won't you be, won't you be my neighbor.

    Hi neighbor!
  • Denise Cottingham

    Well... I would like to be your friend because I did a shitty job of it once upon a time. I would like to be your friend as an act of forgiveness which I do not expect, but can only hope for.
    • Re: Denise Cottingham

      ah, forgiveness! that is easy. i have had many important lessons on that subject since we parted ways.
      welcome to the wacky world of lj, and welcome back to the wacky life of heidi mo hawkins, heh!
  • Hey Heidi, it's me, Mong. Getting back into blogging with a (semi) new account.
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